Hari the Hadron

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I have copied this post from Alka. This is just to spread the message regarding the need for sponsorship of four Indian students who have been selected for research assignment at NASA. I am sure, if people with a heart come together, this amount can definitely made to look small. After all, it’s a matter that would make our nation proud. When we can spend Rs. 5000 crore on conducting Commonwealth Games in Delhi, can we not arrange Rs. 5 Lakhs for these young students.

The post reads as below :

I’ve been reading this news about 4 students in Rourkela winning a NASA competition for a few days. They needed to conceptualize a model of an outer-space settlement that could accommodate 10,000 people. These students bagged the second price. There were more than 200 entries from more than 90 schools from all over the world and the students of the Ispat English Medium School run by the Rourkela Steel Plant, were awarded the prize for their project titled ‘Eden’. The NASA has invited these young students to go there and conduct further research. Sadly, up till now, no funds are forthcoming for their trip to NASA.

Although they have applied to various places, including the office of the Orissa chief minister, they haven’t received a response yet. It will be tragic if they cannot go due to lack of funds. They need I think around Rs. 5,00,000 (approximately $11,000). If you think you can help in anyway, please get in touch with the school mentioned above, or spread this piece of information through email or your blog.

Saturday, May 27, 2006


"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."

- Jack London

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The term “Reservation” has been highly misused in India, especially by the Politicians who have made it take a form of a virus even more deadlier than AIDS. The term “Reservation” has been used to take Power corruption to newer depths of evil as is evident in this article.

The “Reservation” virus is taking deadlier forms as the days pass by and has began to spread its wings even more farther when students from Pak occupied Kashmir (POK) are demanding reservation in leading Indian educational institutions. If only the Honourable Human Resource Destruction Minister Mr Arjun Singh is offered a post for the Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, he might well consider the proposal of POK and etch his name in the annals of Indian history as the Chief Architect of Human Resource Destruction in India.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

- Seneca


The people in Tamil Nadu were just about seeing the light in the end of the Tunnel, a viable alternative in the otherwise sick political scenario of the state, in the form of Lok Paritran. What the people of Tamil Nadu were seeing in this party is a group of energitic, educated and selfless youngsters committed to bring about the beginning of a much needed political reforms in the country, where corruption and individual vested interest would give way to a selfless commitment to serve the greater common cause.

But in less than three months since its birth, at a time when it has not even started to crawl in this wily world of politics, we are already seeing a vertical split in the Lok Paritran. Its very disheartening to see the weakness or total absence of unity, when it come to a noble and selfless cause. The whole purpose of this Party was to eradicate corruption from the Indian political system and make politics, a scientific guide to selfless service. The basic premise for such an ideal would be to put the country’s interest ahead and over all personal interests and the basic premise itself seems to have disintegrated here at Lok Paritran.

Ramya, who I suppose has not even finished replying to the comment on her inspiring post on emergence of Lok Paritran as a flagbearer of a strong and corruption free Indian Democracy, has to come out with a more powerful post to be read by every member, both past and present of Lok Paritran Party, reminding and educated them strongly of the meaning and requirement of the Political ideals spelt by them.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Take the simple example of Mother and Daughter. It’s a very lovely, warm, affectionate and selfless relationship. But the moment we make it Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law, the whole scenario changes to one of dislike and bad taste.

So the aversion for law begins at home and the tendency to break it pervades all aspects of our life. When we are driving, we take the first opportunity to jump signals or sneak into no-entry zone. When we are walking most of us do not even know what a Pedestrian crossing zone looks like. The practise of Jay-walking seems to have got legalised in India. We all get unusually hard-pressed for time the moment we enter a Government Office that we start giving money to any person with a hand to get to the concerned official quickly. We are so much habituated to giving money that some of us end up giving money to our spouses when they open the door for us when we return home. So much so that even when we grow old, we buy Senior citizens ticket for Rail travel and board the train without the proof of age and then blame the ticket checker for not being competent enough to judge our age without the age-proof.

The Industrial community and the common man was once upon a time making such a hue and cry about the license raj and Control system when Government approval was required for anything and everything causing huge delays, undue hardships and too much spent on bribes. But now its just more than a decade since the license raj has been totally abolished and we already see Cement and Sugar prices soaring up abnormally and hoarding of Sugar leading to artificial scarcity prompting the Government to think on re-installing some kind of controls again. Definitely control would mean power to government officials and more corruption. But then who is responsible for that now ? Definitely it is not the Government.

We are the same people who will raise voice about total lawlessness prevailing all over the country and blame it on the Government. But none of us realise that we the people are the ones who give the Members of Parliament and state assemblies the first chance to become corrupt, break laws, not make adequate laws and help them become corrupt and make huge sum of money to accommodate our laziness and aversion to be a law abiding citizen. IGNORANCE OF LAW IS NOT EXEMPTION FROM LAW.

Sunday, May 14, 2006


MOTHER is the greatest gift of God given to every human being and at the most opportune time, that of their birth. So Mother's Day is not only a day to thank our mother for all her selfless sacrifices to make our life a success story in its widest of definitions but also to thank God for having given us this greatest of all gifts which is a single source for all future good things that happen to us in life.

The relationship of mother and child is the finest examples that nature's creation is something that can weather the most stringent of natural and man made tests and stand tall for time immemorial. All man-made relationships break or atleast develop cracks or fade away at some point of time or the other.

I take this opportunity to thank God for having blessed me to be the son of my mother, who is to me the supreme power that I worship. She has not only been a caring mother, but the greatest of friends, guide and teacher. I would not say that she is responsible for what I am today because she has contributed to make me much more successful, noble and selfless. It is only me who has not learned the lessons taught by her in proper perspective. And I am sure this would be the case with every child because every mother sacrifices every drop of her blood only to make us nothing short of the best in the world.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


It is an unquestionable fact that our Honourable Minister of Finance, Govt. of India, is a financial wizard in its widest of definitions. But unfortunately his Political immaturity puts his financial wizardry to shame.

In a very recent example, he delivered a speech during his campaign for the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, wherein he stated that it is definitely financially possible to give Rice at Rs. 2/- per kilogram in the Ration Shops and free Colour Television to every family in Tamil Nadu.

A veteran parliamentarian rightly asked as to why then the Hon’ble Finance Minister not distribute free Colour Television to every family in the country. Here I would like to add another question that if it is viable for the Indian Government to sell rice at Rs. 2/- per kg then does it mean that all these years the Indian Government have been making profits by selling rice at a higher price.

It is a shame for Indian Democracy that even after more than 50 years of its existence we neither have matured politicians who talk about guiding the country to a bright future during their election campaign nor have matured voters who would declare to these politicians that they are no longer kids to be happy with Colour TVs and lollypops and instead look forward to electing a leader who can create avenues for the voters to participate in the development of the country and proudly EARN their decent living.