Hari the Hadron

Friday, February 16, 2007


The Tamil Nadu Government has been flooding the homes of Tamil Nadu with freebies to the extent of setting a sense of complacency among recipients while the economic analysts were pondering over what would be the cost or the sacrifice that the people of Tamil Nadu would have to bear for this generousity by the Government.

The revelation came only a bit too soon and the cost was the ultimate the people of Tamil Nadu could have been asked to pay. As an add-on with the freebies the Tamil Nadu Government Officials may have also injected free HIV Virus into the most vulnerable sections of the society through their vast network of Government hospitals and dispensaries where an investigation by a television channel revealed rampant re-use of unsterlized syringes.

But why this situation when the Government had allocated more than Rs. 200 crores for healthcare in Tamil Nadu? The answer is simple that Government in fact procures the freebies from the tax payers’ money. And just as people who do not have sufficient earnings sell their organs and blood to earn bread for their family, the Government is eating into the healthcare budget and taking our life to get us the freebies.

This is a rude wake-up call not only for the people of Tamil Nadu but for every citizen of the country to come out of this myth of freebies offered by politicians and realize that everything in this materialistic world comes at a cost.