Hari the Hadron

Sunday, July 20, 2008


The Tamilnadu Government announced that there is acute Power shortage in the state and Chennai and other cities will have to suffer one hour of power-cut everyday, while the suburbs will be put to two hours of power-cut daily.

But when I went to T.Nagar (busy shopping place in Chennai) on Saturday, I found a particular road fully decorated with Tube lights and decorative lamps due to a congregation of a particular political party. So power shortage is only meant for the common man who unfortunately and ironically not only elects the politicians to a position of power but also pays the taxes to enable them to get rich and also make the common man the most deprived. Can any civilized country have a better justice system to its citizen than India.

The moral of the story is that today politicians of India are the most powerful community in the widest definitions of the word "Power" and all others are Poor-full communities in its widest definitions too.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I think that is the best way a lay-man can explain the meeting of Mr. Mukesh Ambani with the Prime Minister and Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Today the function of Government of India is limited to satisfying the political and personal interest of politicians and fulfilling the business interests of their rich industrialists’ patrons.

The UPA winning the vote of confidence does not depend on how good or bad their governance of this country was, but on how much they would be able to satisfy the personal and political interests of their supporters and settlement of family dispute of poor Ambani brothers, who incidentally are much more important to this country than the over 100 crore unproductive population.

Political degradation and corruption cannot reach a lower level than it has reached in India today. Today we are seeing corruption corrupted to such an extent that the corrupt are getting boldly richer without any national or individual goal being achieved.

In a way Corporatisation of Corruption would be a positive development in the sense that a certain professionalism and Corporate Governance may be expected to evolve in corrupt practices. Corrupt practices would be more transparent and goal oriented. The Annual Reports of Company’s would clearly spell out the amount spent towards corruption, just a boldly as they give out the amount spent on Research and Development and also the benefits accrued therein. This may also make the corrupt accountable to deliver the goods for the consideration they get.

Not such a bad idea after all, when something is better than nothing.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


He was the greatest warrior and a legend in his community. His commitment to his duty was unquestionable. He was among the last of the endangered species of true patriots of this country. He was Field Marshall Sam Manekshaw.

Every citizen in this country who knows anything about the Indian armed forces would have learned about him, except the parliamentarians of this country who are totally blinded by the cancer of politics to such a grave extent that they neither respect nor recognize true patriots anymore.

It’s a shame that the parliamentarians of this country who are able to find time and logistics to attend the birthday party of a Chief Minister don’t have the gratitude to salute and pay homage to a legend and a patriot, but for whom and others in his class, they would not have been gifted with this Akshaya Patra (a vessel with infinite wealth) called “Independent India” who they butcher day in and day out for their own political interest.

As far as it concerns the three Service Chiefs who stand tall more on their snobbishness than on their feet, I only feel they would really not have found themselves dignified enough even to stand in front of the dead Field Marshall, leave alone when he was alive.

But who is bothered about a National Shame in a country filled with shameless nationals