Hari the Hadron

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


This post is not meant to undermine the goal or intention of Mr. Raj Thackeray in demanding first preference for native Maharashtrians for job and self-employment opportunities in Maharashtra. It is the means used to achieve this endaevour that is unjustified and totally deplorable.

The situation is getting even more unjustified with the followers of Mr Raj Thackeray demanding state-security for their leader. It’s like he has to be provided highest security to his life by the state Government so that he can move around happily and create insecurity to the lives of common man, whose only crime is in not being a native Maharashtrian. The bigger irony would be that the funding for such provision of security would partly come from the same Non-Maharashtrian common man by way of tax, whose life and property is endangered by Mr. Raj Thackeray.

Mr. Raj Thackeray should understand that there is no dearth of opportunities for both Maharashtrians and Non-Maharashtrian in both Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra. There is also no specific reservation or preference for Non-Maharashtrians in either Government, public or private sector industry. So if at all Mr. Raj Thackeray feels that Mahashtrians are losing their opportunities, he has to create a fire within each Maharashtrian to develop and equip themselves to the requirement of the Industry and gain their rightful place on the basis of merit and I am sure they have the spirit in themselves to do it.

The decision of the Government of Mahasrashtra in this case would prove whether their intention is to promote a sense of being an “Indian first” in every citizen of the state or they want to further divide Indian citizens in terms of their linguistic origin.

Friday, October 17, 2008


A Government is a form of organization of State having a system of governance based on it nature of formation and in India’s case the attitude of its constituents. A Democratic form of Government is a Government by the people and is just a larger version of a society which ignores hereditary class distinctions and tolerates minority views.

If a person where to call the Indian Government a Democratic Government, he or she must be blind, deaf and dumb. In a true Democratic Government, the Politics should begin and end with elections and Democracy should stand thereafter. But in India, the Democracy begins and ends with the elections, as the elections are the only democratic process in India and thereafter only Politics stands. So I think it is better we call our Government a Politicocratic form of Government.

Everything here is ruled by Politicians, their Political aspirations and political correctness. The politics, politicians and political consideration decides whether an Industry should be set up at a particular place or whether a region should be developed or not.

The political consideration motivates our Government to try and pursue the Government of another country to safeguard the life and interest of residents of Indian origin in that country. Irrespective of the consideration I respect that intention. But the absence of the political consideration failed to produce the same intention when it came to the question of coming to the rescue of Indian citizens held captive by Somalian Pirates.

But I am not at all blaming the politicians of our country for this state of affairs. It is we the self-centred, narrow-minded, short sighted citizens of this country who are responsible for all this. Why did it take a Raj Thackerey or our honorable Minister of Civil Aviation, who is more a spokesman for a particular Airline than the governing authority of Aviation sector, to come to the rescue of the terminated employees of Jet Airways rather than the vast population of citizens of India who should have gheroad the Office of the Airline and questioned the unethical terms of employment that they follow. Why did the users of Air-transport not call for a immediate boycott of Jet Airways which does not have a human face in conduct of its affairs.

It is we the the Indians, especially the Middle Class Indians who are solely responsible for the destruction of Democratic norms in India. We are the tools of Democracy, but unfortunately we are rusted.