Hari the Hadron

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Hadron is back

Dear Blog Friends,

At last I have returned home, to where I belong. Its been nearly seven years since I last posted a blog here. It feels like I have shut my heart to the world for these seven years because this was the home where I had the freedom of speaking my heart out.

I do not know how many of my most wonderful and cherished friends are still active in the blogworld. But I did find some of you having achieved International acclaim in the world of writing and blogging from a humble beginning in the bloggers world here. My hearty congratulations to the achievers.

I saw Preethy travel the world and Ramya become one of the key senior journo in The Hindu.

Wishing all my friends here in this blogworld a very Happy New Year 2017 and look to make a lot more friends out here in the future and looking forward to revive the bloggers meet that we used to have so fondly in Chennai again.

Hari the Hadron


  • https://basicallythejobless.wordpress.com/Welcome Back :)
    Good to see you writing. A lot of bloggers from the yesteryear have stopped blogging, sadly.

    Keep writing, Keep it coming..

    By Anonymous Barath, at 11:30 PM  

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