Hari the Hadron

Saturday, July 11, 2009


It is shocking to find that the Government, political analysts, media and a whole lot of communities, who think they can successfully run the country with their oratorial abilities, are so much engrossed in shouting in resonance that the country is facing a situation of severe drought when there is a part of our country called “Assam” which is reeling in heavy flood even this year.

It is a horrific revelation of total non-governance and lack of Political will (I really don’t understand why it is such an importance feature of governance) on the part of Indian Democratic system, when this phenomena of flood in Assam and drought or shortage of rainfall in other parts of the country has been going on for decades now, that not a single tangible step has been taken to harness the flood water and divert it to regions with shortage of rainfall. People who talk about the cost of such an exercise should just put their heads and look at the amount spent in flood relief in Assam almost every year and compensation to farmers in other parts of the country every year, which would cumulate to a sum many more times higher than that would have taken to harness the flood water from Assam.

It is even more pitiable that today people have even stopped discussing the subject of floods in Assam in detail and are only shouting about the drought in Northern India.