Hari the Hadron

Friday, July 10, 2009


I have been getting this feeling sometimes that the Indian governing system runs on the fuel called “Pressure”. Let me be clear that this fuel called “Pressure” is only meant to run the governance part of the Indian Government and not the non-governance activities which forms a major part of Indian Democratic system.

It is also that our governance system runs only on high degree of “Pressure”. Take the case of killing of a MBA graduate in Madhya Pradesh. The Government took action to investigate the case by CB-CID and then the CBI only after heavy “Pressure” from the public.

So we should all understand that we need to fuel the governing system of our country separately for separate functions. For governance activities, we need to fuel it constantly with “Pressure” and for Non-governance activities, anway we all know how to fuel it. I think the whole problem is that we have been using only the fuel meant for non-governance activities, whereby the process of governance has become a junk.

So jaago bharat jaago, we all have more than required “Pressures” in our life. Just keep releasing it on the Government, I am sure we will have a better governing system in place.



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