Hari the Hadron

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Loud, long and strong but useless talks are going on at the Global level for creating awareness and reducing Global warming for quite sometime now. In fact the developed countries are trying to create a new divide among the world community of Economic "haves" and "have nots" by trying hard to keep the developing countries as perpetually developing.

But do we, the self empathizing class called “common man” ever realize that we may be the largest group of unproductive emitters of Carbon-di-oxide world over, due to our environmentally unfriendly lifestyle, more than any other economic developmental activities. The second largest emission may come from the extravagant summit meets on Global warming conducted world over more as a ritual than with a purpose.

Take for example, each family in urban India (developing country) has atleast two vehicles for two working persons. If both of them decide to use a single vehicle to commute to their working places the following advantages are realized.

1) You get up more early in the morning, which reduces the number of hours the A/C runs in the bedroom, thereby reduction in CO2 emission. Waking-up early in the morning also is healthy in many ways.

2) Since we may be require to leave our home early we would end-up spending lesser time in the Wash-rooms and Bathrooms thereby lesser use of water and Water heaters resulting in lesser electricity consumed and reduction in CO2 emission. Many of us take bath for more often for pleasure than when necessary. The necessity can be complied within 10 minutes but pleasure lasts more than half-an-hour.

3) The burning of petrol on the second vehicle is the biggest reduction of CO2.

4) The reduction in traffic in the roads if each family follows the principle. The reduction in traffic reduces the time taken to commute which reduces the petrol consumption and hence emission of CO2.

5) Due to lower traffic we would spend lesser time idling in traffic signals, resulting in further lower emissions of CO2.

6) Lesser pollution due to burning petrol in the atmosphere, creates a healthy atmosphere.

7) We may be required to walk a little more to reach a convenient point for being picked-up by our family member at evening resulting in a healthy exercise to an otherwise dormant physical lifestyle.

8) We may reach home a little late, but it helps in reducing the time spent in front of the idiot box, resulting in lesser consumption of electricity and reduction in emission of CO2.

The intention here in this post is not to create a guiness record by preparing the biggest list of advantages, but just to throw light of awareness that a single act of adjustment in our lifestyle can lead to so much reduction in emission of CO2 into atmosphere and in the process enhance our health too.

Now it is for us to take a call on who is responsible to reduce the emission of CO2, the developed countries, developing countries, its leaders holding the summit meets on protection of environments or WE, the people of the world.