Hari the Hadron

Friday, December 30, 2005


This post is to wish the blogworld and the wonderful people that inhabit it a VERY VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.

May the New Year usher in a new era for the dynamic, vibrant, sensitive, warm natured and real fast growing Blogworld. This only goes on to show that there are not only some real wonderful people out in this world but also that the population of such people is fast growing. May this New Year see the blogworld fight all challenges coming their way and achieve greater goals and make deep inroads in making this world a much better place to live in where there sustains an environment of love, respect and understanding amongst people and with the nature.

The blogworld did face some turbulent times last year in the form of spamming, invasion of copyright privacy, invasion of the freedom of expression, rubbing on the wrong side like the incident involving IIPM and also a case where pics published in a blog where copied by some organisation for commercial exploitation without any permission. But then this is all part of the game.When we decide to be vocal, it is meant to be heard and intended to create an impact on the people, offcourse for common betterment, but then from time immemorial there are people who do not like this world becoming a better place to live. So troubles from such people is natural but as I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts its time that good things sustain and bad things are made to come to an end. And we the inhabitants of the blogworld can definitely make it happen.

My fact sheet for the year 2005 is very small, simple but made qualitative by some great people I met in this year. I had a fairly generous share of difficult times this year but I realised that it is only a test by God intended to make me a better person. But my biggest and most invaluable gain or blessing, if I may rightly say so, are some great friends in this blogworld. Some of whom I meet are Ravi, Sophia, DV, Somu, Thennavan, Kiruba, Padmasiniji and Swahilya. There are others whom I have not met but then you need not touch the Sun to feel its warmth. The generousity in warmth, affection and selflessness in these great human beings is so overwhelming and enormous that I seem too insignificant in terms of reciprocation as well as contribution. Then we have Partha Krishnaswamy and his wife Dr.Vasantha. They are certainly the oldest bloggers in this community. Their selfless attitude, spirit of participation and contribution and overwhelming affection easily makes them the parents of this blogworld.

Finally once again, my best of New Year wishes to all of you out there.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


A wife asks her husband as to what is it that would make his life worth living. He promptly replies “ The everlasting smile in your face”.

The husband asks his wife as to what would bring that everlasting smile in her face. She promptly replies “Your death”.

A strange irony.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I just read about this woman named Kausalya, and HIV positive in a story titled “Woman who redifined positive”. In the end of the story I found that she indeed redifined not just HIV positive but also the word “Positive” in its most positive sense.

I think people like Kausalya are extraordinary creations capable of converting their most dreadful weakness into their biggest strength. And even reading about such people should give us an inspiration that there is much more to do with life than mere existing and cribbing on our deficiencies and what we do not have.

I have always believed in God and preach and try to practice the philosophy that whatever God does is always ultimate good. I have used this phrase on many occasions in my posts and this is one of those stories which gives a lot of impetus to that philosophy, so I thought it is my duty to put up this story on my blog in an effort to instill that belief not only in myself but in as many people as I possibly can.

Here is a person who proudly states that becoming an HIV positive is the most positive thing to happen in her life which has taken to the heights of success she could have never otherwise imagined, being a housewife in a small town in Tamil Nadu.

She has proved that negetives and positives, strength and handicaps, good and bad times are all just subjective terms created in our minds. If we have the courage, we can redefine positive and redifine our life.