Hari the Hadron

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


The “Big Temple” of Thanjavoor, Tamil Nadu a historical architechtural wonder which, if I am not wrong is in the control of the Archealogical Survey of India (ASI) for decades (please correct me if I am wrong), has only now been taken up for intensive cleaning up operations.

During the course of cleaning they found a huge dump of Cannon balls in one of the rooms in the temple. Does it mean that for centuries the doors of the temple rooms have not been opened. Instead of being ashamed and being admonished by the men under control of the ASI, the officials are proudly displaying their find and making a revealing statement that this famous temple might have been once upon a time used by the kings as a fort for waging war too. It is a pity and national shame that the premier government organisation responsible for discovering and preserving national heritage, monuments and other archeological and historical findings and in fact responsible for proving and teaching history of our country to the world, have not bothered, to even open and look at all the chambers of one of the major Archeological wonders of South India which is under their control for decades now.

Earlier it took a Tsunami to unveil some of the lost temples of Mahabalipuram near Chennai, Tamil Nadu which again the ASI are proudly presenting to this world as if it was the result of their herculean efforts.

I wonder whether these people in ASI even keep their own house clean and are aware of their own belongings. This is not the only one organisation of its kind, the Indian Government has a lot of such departments and organisations without any accountability and where even gross errors go unnoticed for ages and sometimes like this, are celebrated as an honour or achievement.

Sunday, May 22, 2005


I have been getting this feeling recently that a majority of my posts deal with very serious thoughtful matters (the truth may be the opposite too) and bereft of any spicy tit-bits. So on an expert advise I have decided to give a hand on spicing up my blogs. Kindly bear with any disappointments.

A Unique Hotel :

There seems to be a world famous Hotel in Sweden, which is fully made up of Ice. The Hotel melts down every summer and is rebuilt in winter when visitors from all around the world check into rooms with sub-zero temperatures. I presume another unique thing in this Hotel would be that a Non Air-conditioned Room would be costlier than an Air-conditioned one. It would require a person to be pretty HOT to check into those rooms. Eh.

Unique Wedding :

A 43 year old female teacher in Seattle wedded her 22 year old student last week….Ooops, my thoughts suddenly went to one of our bloggers, a beautiful looking Research Scholar Professor in a Chennai college on whom, I am sure quite a few students would have a crush on………. I dare not mention the name.

Another interesting feature of this couple is that the teacher had got imprisoned a few years back on charges of raping this same student It can happen only in the US of A. Now, Indra Nooyi, you really had a point err… finger of view there in your speech. But one thing I appreciate here is that the "Abuse" laws in USA are equal for both genders. I think the Indian jurists should take a point from this, as I believe that there are quite a lot of cases in India where certain unscrupulous women have been abusing the "Dowry Harassment" laws against their innocent husbands. I am not saying dowry harassment does not happen, but abuse of law is also very much there.

Unique Town:
I read from Alka's blog that there is a town in Belgium called Geel, where mentally challenged people are treated as affectionately as any other normal person. Their behavioral aberrations are never looked down upon or stared at. In fact every family there I believe adopts a mentally challenged person to give them a near normal life. Truly, the most divine place in the earth, the heaven on earth.

Friday, May 20, 2005


In my nine months of life in this blogworld, I have seen people giving numerous reasons and meanings to blogging. Just as it takes nine months for a human being to evolve in its full form in the mothers womb, it has also taken nearly nine months for blogging to reveal its full meaning in my life and now I find it nothing less than a form of meditation.

Blogging provides me the same effect of de-stressing and takes me to such high levels of single minded focus, deep thoughts and contemplation that only meditation can do. I think Swahilya from: swahilya.blogspot.com, the prolific reporter from "The Hindu" and one who breaths spiritualism and meditation, should be able explain this phenomenon much better than me.

Just as people taking to meditation, end up making meditation an integral part of their life, blogging too may be a part of rest of my life or eventually a life in itself. So friends, be prepared to tolerate me in this blogworld for a long time to come.

My special thanks to Ravi from: ravikumar.blogdrive.com for having kindled this thought process in my mind today.