Hari the Hadron

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I received these comparisons through an e-mail. Could not resist posting it.

  • Rains in new orleans due to hurricane Katrina - 18 inches.
    Rains in mumbai (July 27th) - 37.1 inches
  • Population of new Orleans - 484,674
    Population of Mumbai - 12,622,500
  • Deaths in New orleans within 48 hours of Katrina - 100
    Deaths in mumbai within 48hours of rain - 37
  • Number of people to be evacuated in New Orleans - entire city
    Number of people evacuated in Mumbai - 10,000
  • Cases of shooting and violence in New Orleans - Countless
    Cases of shooting and violence in Mumbai - NONE
  • Time taken for US army to reach New Orleans - 48hours
    Time taken for Indian army and navy to reach Mumbai - 12hours
  • Status 48hours later at New orleans - still waiting for relief, army and Electricity
    Status 48hours later at Mumbai - back on its feet and its business is as usual
  • USA...world's most developed nation

I hope I did not get the last fact wrong???
If not, should I not be proud of being an INDIAN.

Let me reiterate here, that the credit for this does not go to the Government or the Politicians busy mud slinging in an already stinking city or the haplessly exposed administration or the politically affiliated NGOs. The credit beyond doubt goes to the resilient, selfless, never say die Mumbaiites who believe not only in letter but in spirit too that after all we Indians are one large family beyond all caste, creed and religion and that WE are the system, administration and machinery who need to perform. We did it in Tsunami and we have done it again now and believe me we can do it every time we are faced by adversities if only we are all together and believe in ourselves to be so.