Hari the Hadron

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


By repeated use of this phrase all over the world by all cross-sections of society beyond territorial, economic and social barriers, it has somehow come to be accepted as a universal truth. I feel that this is the most glaring example of the inherent pessimism prevalent all over the world whereby we have made and come to believe that bad is more powerful than good and that good cannot survive for long.

I for one, though still struggling to swim out of the a worse period of my life, like to believe that ALL BAD THINGS AND TIMES HAVE TO COME TO AN END. This does not only make me stronger than the situation but also if I do not believe this way, then the inspiration to swim across this sea of trouble will die and I will soon drown. Again I would be able to enjoy my good times better without the fear of bad times overcoming me any moment.

It also has a lot to do with our outlook. Is it that good times are really shortlived or are we making it look that way by giving too wide a perspective for the bad. If we are able to convince ourselves that whatever happens is for the ultimate good, then we would find that bad times teaches us a lot of lessons and in fact can be used as a foundation for good times ahead. This way the bad times itself would not look all that fearsome as we may be able to see a lot of good in bad times too, giving the impression of the good times never really die out. I may seem to sound highly idealistic but then this is one way we can remove the stigma attached to the good being short-lived and weaker than the bad.

I also solicit the opinion of this young, vibrant, dynamic and optimistic blogging community as to why this phrase has come to be so widely used and also would it not do a world of good to this world at large if we change our attitude strongly to believe that it is only all bad things that have to come to an end. I am sure your opinion would go a long way not only in helping me but a whole lot of not so spirited people out there in seeing good in the worst situations.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Its been quite sometime since I posted and it is for all of you my friends to judge how far this gap has affected my writing ability, if at all you thought I had one. Anyway the last one and a half months has been a nerve wrecking period for me on all fronts and so just could not pick me up to create any thoughts that can be posted. So much so that during the last ten days I had even stopped blog-hopping as Ramya rightly pointed out in my shout-box.

Finally I decided that I should take a break from this vicious cycle of stressful battle before it gets to my head fully. So myself alongwith my friends embarked on a three day trip to Munnar, the Hill Station in the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. The pristine beauty of nature out there amidst the fragrance of fresh tea and cardamom really brought the right and positive change in my attitude and approach to things. I had heard from Dr. Vasantha, wife of Mr. Partha Krishnaswamy, a fatherly figure in the blog world, about Bach flower therapy, wherein the essence and fragrance of flowers are used to change our bad temperament, attitude and thought process. But I truly experienced it in the virgin environments of Munnar.

With Kerala experiencing more than normal rainfall, the water bodies of Munnar (which gets its name from the confluence of three rivers in that place) are brimming to its capacity and even extinct Waterfalls are now roaring. Tata Tea owns most of that place, so its just tea estates all around the landscape. Finally even with all the generous inheritance of nature’s beauty, Munnar has the most well mannered, courteous, honest and helpful people inhabiting it and it is the cheapest of Hill-stations I have visited so far in terms of food and accommodation.

I have taken some pictures but am still not a good enough computer wizard to put it in my blog though Sophia did her best to help me in this endaevour. I will try to do something about it soon.

Finally I would like to thank all my blog friends for visiting my blog regularly even during the times I was not posting and help me lift my spirits with your inspiring comments on my shoutbox. It is you people who make this world such a wonderful place to live in.