Hari the Hadron

Monday, September 27, 2004


Congratulations to the Windies for coming out with a superlative performance to beat a truly professional England Team. The two tailenders for the Windies (not intending any harm to their batting prowess) Bradshaw and Browne showed that it is not great batsman or great bowlers with lot of talent, flamboyance or big names who make the match winners, but it is simple people with commitment, grit, self-belief and above all the hunger for victory and bringing pride to the country one represents who make match winners.

We have great talented and skilled cricketers in the Indian team but not one match winner. Down the years our Indian Captains have said that on “Our Day” we can beat any team in the world. But the real champions are the ones who can beat any team on any day.

It is high time our cricketers display atleast half the commitment and determination that they display in improving their commercial value. Our cricketers are now seen performing more off the ground rather than on it. I think just like Australia has two teams one each for Test Cricket and One-day internationals, we in India should also have two teams one to do commercials and one to actually play cricket.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Health tips

Hi everybody,

I read today that having 20 curry leaves as it is or boiled early in the morning in empty stomach helps in controlling the good/bad cholestrol levels as well as the well being of the heart in the long run.

We all have a very stressful careers and life in general. Interested friends may try it. Any comments or criticism are most welcome.

Friday, September 24, 2004


There was an article in the Chennai edition of “The Hindu” on the 23rd September,2004 where The All India Democratic Women Association (AIDWA) had moved the court against alleged humiliation of women in the recruitment process of Indian Army.

I very much respect the pivotal and productive role played by AIDWA in safeguarding the interests of women in various issues. But this time I think they are dragging things a bit too far.

Their contention is that women army recruits are subjected to “intimate physical examination” by male doctors during the medical examination conducted as part of recruitment procedure. I think this statement is highly immoral and unethical and a great insult to the medical fraternity at large. How can somebody call a detailed medical examination conducted by a qualified Doctor appointed by the Indian Army to be an “Intimate physical examination”. The meaning of the word “intimate” denotes a close personal relationship or something with a sexual intention. I definitely feel to generalise the relationship between a Doctor and a patient as “intimate” here is highly objectionable and abusive to the noble profession of medicine.

Does the AIDWA mean that every case where a male doctor examines a female amounts to an “intimate physical examination” and should be banned. This is because they cannot specifically state that only the medical examination conducted in the course of army recruitment can fall under “intimate physical examination” which would then amount to an allegation of sexual abuse on the doctors concerned. And if the ban is put to effect as desired by the AIDWA, then no female hereafter can ever approach a male doctor for consultation in India.


Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Killing of Stephanie in Chennai

Is this the result of Americanisation of our society or is it the result of improvement in the Standard of living in our society or does it signal the beginning of the end of social values.

Why are youths roaming out of their homes at midnight. Why are parents allowing their children to be out so late. Is it that the parents want to survive from the money earned by their children working so late or is it that the parents themself are busy earning money so much so that they are not aware of their children dying. Is the concept of home and family dying in our society.

Mere punishing of the misguided youths in this case is not the solution. It seems the whole society, which is definitely responsible for the behaviour of the youths as well as the victim, which is misguided and losing it basic principle. We all have to learn to be human and identify others as human too. And the whole process is to begin in our own homes. Beware we may well have a Stephanie or the misguided youths in our own family.


Like our friends in the Left parties I too was very peeved at Mr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, the Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission when he announced the nomination of representatives of Asian Development Bank and other organisations from outside India to be part of the Planning Committee.

But on looking deeper I was able to understand the larger interests of the country that Mr.Montek Singh intends to cater through a silent revolution that he has started. We all are well aware of the brain drain taking place in India and also that most of the top executives in international organizations around the world are Indians who would otherwise not return to India, unless there is a calamity in the country where they reside.

Mr. Montek Singh has only done good to our country through this novel way of outsourcing Indians and bringing the Indian brains back to India by nominating officials of International organizations into the planning commission. So let the left front be rest assured that the planning commission will only be consisting of Indians, so what if they have a foreign accent.

At last India has a Sportsman

India has at last won an Olympic Gold medal. Kudos to Devendra of the Indian Railways from Rajasthan. He has won the Gold medal in the Javelin throw in the Paralympics being held in Athens. Incidentally he is the World record holder in his section of this event. This great 24 year old physically handicapped Indian has done what hundreds of so called strong Indians could not do over the period of 100 years.

But what is most unfortunate is that our famous Chennai English Daily “The Hindu” which published big colour photos of our Weightlifters who brought disgrace to the country on drug charges could not publish a decent photo of this unsung hero. The photo published in page 21 of Chennai edition of “ The Hindu” dated 23rd September, 2004 does not even show his face, but only his shadow.


Hi, all friends of the bloggers community. I am Hari from Chennai. This is just an introductory message. Would begin my postings soon.
Thank you.