Hari the Hadron

Friday, September 07, 2007


The newly appointed Director General of Police (DGP) for Tamil Nadu was suggesting innovative steps for security at public places to prevent terrorist attack but currently Chennai is not as much in danger against attacks from terrorists as it is against deadly bacterias emanating from stinking garbage strewn all over certain parts of the city. These bacterias are capable of spreading deadly diseases like leptospirosis, which affects the renal and hepatatis function in humans. So what does the DGP have to counter this indirect biological weapon based terror-attack that the Corporation of Chennai is perpetrating on the citizens of Chennai.

The services of a private company that was collecting garbages from three zones of Chennai have been terminated from the 24th August, 2007. Understandably the company stopped collecting garbages right from the first week of August itself and promptly removed all their infrastructures on the last day of their tenure. The new company to which the contract for clearing garbages had infrastructure and equipment only large enough to cater to a few households let alone a colony or the three zones for which they were contracted. It was like a person trying to give bath to a fully grown elephant with a small bucket of water. And to top it all, the government officials came to know of the unpreparedness of the new encumbent only on the 24th August,2007. What name do we give to this dastardly act of the Government. Is it irresponsibility, mismanagement, disorganised or plain stinking corruption.

Talking about Chennaiites, they are educated but lack knowledge, they are intelligent and so care less for everything happening around them, they are sophisticated but uncivilised in their lifestyle. They have been throwing their garbages all over the roads in front of their houses and vacant plots around them leaving the garbage to decompose in the rains that follow and polluting the environment that leaves a far from civilised image of the society. The three zones mentioned here comprises middle class and upper middle class residents. Why can’t these people who spends hundreds or may be even thousands of rupees everyday on luxuries, buy some big plastic containers and place a few of them at every road corner to collect these garbages and then call up the Corporation to pick up the garbages from those containers.

The best way to make a person work is to do his work and make him useless and redundant. The Chennai Corporation deserves something like this to be done. It is very much in our interest only.

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