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Friday, May 20, 2005


In my nine months of life in this blogworld, I have seen people giving numerous reasons and meanings to blogging. Just as it takes nine months for a human being to evolve in its full form in the mothers womb, it has also taken nearly nine months for blogging to reveal its full meaning in my life and now I find it nothing less than a form of meditation.

Blogging provides me the same effect of de-stressing and takes me to such high levels of single minded focus, deep thoughts and contemplation that only meditation can do. I think Swahilya from: swahilya.blogspot.com, the prolific reporter from "The Hindu" and one who breaths spiritualism and meditation, should be able explain this phenomenon much better than me.

Just as people taking to meditation, end up making meditation an integral part of their life, blogging too may be a part of rest of my life or eventually a life in itself. So friends, be prepared to tolerate me in this blogworld for a long time to come.

My special thanks to Ravi from: ravikumar.blogdrive.com for having kindled this thought process in my mind today.


  • Hi Everybody, please feel free to comment, even criticism would be a compliment.

    By Blogger hari, at 10:02 AM  

  • its de-stressing for sure. and your analogy with meditation is interesting.

    By Blogger saranyan, at 11:35 AM  

  • a differnt perspective for blogging..me hearing for the first time

    By Blogger sophie, at 12:24 AM  

  • Hari,
    Do meditation often and make it one of ur day to day routine.

    By Blogger REFLEX, at 2:07 AM  

  • Wow, I certainly havent come across anybody else equating blogging with meditation :)

    By Blogger Shyam, at 2:17 AM  

  • We are ready to read your posts for a looooooong time. :-)

    By Blogger Alka Dwivedi, at 6:41 AM  

  • hmmm... very interesting analogy. that's set me thinking too! :)


    By Blogger None, at 8:31 AM  

  • btw, hari, if you use the "chain" symbol (in the tool bar of the blogger screen) while composing your post, you can provide direct links to the websites of the persons you mention instead of having to type them out, without the hyperlink facility.
    try it. it's an easier way to get ppl to check out those sites, cos they are just a click away!



    By Blogger None, at 8:33 AM  

  • wowww..

    it was like expecting a blockbuster release.. congrats Hari.. you'v done it.. u've posted!!!

    i do agree with u.. it de-stresses a lot, and kindles a lot of creativity in us. i don know ow many times i've played with my templates.

    as for the links u can give some hyperlinks, else, you can use w.blogger so that u can make make it to open in a new window very simply.

    By Blogger Chez, at 10:40 PM  

  • That's a change indeed hari!

    By Blogger perspective, at 1:41 AM  

  • But whenever i come here i come expecting a controversy and all prepared for an agrument ;) so that's a disappointed.

    By Blogger perspective, at 1:42 AM  

  • saranyan/sophia/reflex/shyam/alka/ramya/lavanya/everybody else,

    You are all my inspiration to meditate out here. thanks.

    By Blogger hari, at 1:48 AM  

  • Ramya,

    thanx a ton. It was just this morning that I was thinking how to establish this link thing in the post and here you are with a ready helping hand.

    It was as if you read my mind.That is what I call a great friend.

    By Blogger hari, at 1:49 AM  

  • Hi Anand,

    Are u referring to my rather long posts as blockbusters, then better you call it Mega serials. he.he.

    Thanx for visiting. keep coming.

    By Blogger hari, at 1:51 AM  

  • Hi Lavanya,

    Do not worry. there are a lot of controversies in the pipeline.

    Just thought like having Lavanya coming to my blog in a pleasant mood and enjoying her time here.

    By Blogger hari, at 1:53 AM  

  • Hi Hari,
    I do not know if I have mentioned this to you, but I also have felt the same way about blogging. Even if the thoughts in the mind are random, when I have to put it on the blog, I have to get down to the specifics, it becomes an effort in total concentration and then meditation.
    Namaste. Swaha.

    By Blogger Swahilya, at 2:36 AM  

  • Thanks, Hari. Yes, blogging requires concentration and meditation all right...else, typos are the result! ;)

    By Anonymous Ravi, at 4:55 AM  

  • It is destressing for sure..actually I never thought about it that way until this post. Now that you mention it...I realize its true!

    By Anonymous Kaush, at 5:30 PM  

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